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Use our File Uploader at the link below to instantly customize and quote your 3D Print files, then Checkout! We Guarantee the success of each and every 3D print, or your money back! 

What We Offer:

Success or your money back!

We Pride ourselves in making each customer happy, but if we are unable to fulfil your order, we will quickly refund your money and/or provide possible solutions to correct any issues 


End-use tailoring

Have a Specific constraints for your print? Leave a note with your order and we will customize the infill type and wall thickness to suit your needs. We offer a Variety of both Engineering-Grade and visual materials.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Standard shipping time is 3-6 Business Days from order, But Expedited Processing and shipping is Available at Checkout. (exclusions may apply with large orders)



We’re not limited to 3D Printing Alone. We provide several Post-Processing  options include Support Removal, Plastic Welding, Sanding, Acetone Vapor Smoothing, Specialty Coatings, and Annealing to enhance the Capabilities and final Finishes of 3D Prints.


Benefits of 3D Printing:

         We get a lot of questions regarding the benefits of 3D Printing. 3D printing and Materials technology has come a long way in the past two decades, allowing us to Quickly create Light-weight, Strong, and functional components, that would otherwise take extensive time and money to fabricate from metal or to machine the molds to cast the component themselves.

         3D printing fills a gap in the industry, where previously complex, and impossible to mold parts can now be created in a fraction of the time, where we can control part thicknesses and internal geometry.  In essence, by choosing to 3D print your components with Kickstart 3D, you will not only receive good looking parts, but also save Time and Money in doing so, compared to traditional means.

Material and Options Selection for Made-to-Order 3D Prints.

       Concerned about Durability and Strength? Don’t hesitate to consult us to determine the appropriate Material to order your prints in. With a little knowledge on the intended application of your parts, we can select the most appropriate material for the job, as well as determine limitations of specific 3D Prints.

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Existing Designs and Models Can be found at these popular websites. Simply Save the Files, then upload them to our instant Quote Page and selct your options.

“MakerBot’s Thingiverse is a thriving design community for discovering, making, and sharing  3D printable things.”-Thingiverse.com

“Sketchfab is empowering a new era of creativity by making it easy for anyone to publish and find 3D content online.”- Sketchfab.com

“CGTrader is the world’s largest source for licensable stock and custom 3D models.”-CGTrader.com