Shipping with Sustainability and Economy in-mind

Though we use as much recyclable material as possible, we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Through Production, All of our scrap material and by-products are recycled or repurposed.

All shipments are fulfilled through the most economical means necessary, including, but not limited to USPS and Sendle.


Q: Why is my package wrapped primarily in paper?

A: We are always making an effort to reduce our impact on the environment by using as much recyclable packaging as possible. Also, All of our scraps and by-products are recycled!


Q: Why are there some abnormalities on one side of m print?

A: This is caused by the un-avoidable support material required during printing. Though we try to reduce these abnormalities during 3D Print Set-up, they cannot be entirely eliminated. We reduce these affects by orienting the printed pieces to where any support abnormalities are in an inconspicuous area. 

Q: How can I protect my 3D Print?

A: Depending on the material selected, each type of printable thermoplasttic or thermoelastomer has its own heat resistance. For PLA(general 3D Print Material) do not subject them to temperatures over 130F. On a hot day, the interior of a car can well exceed this without the A/C Running.

Q: Are 3D Prints Stong?

A: 3D Printed Parts can be quite strong the the correct material, allowing for functional parts and prototypes. Each 3D printed item, its shell, infill, and printing pattern, is engineered to maximize the structural integrity, while maintaining a time and cost-effective approach to the print.